Apartment for rent in Giai Viet location at key District 8, Ta Quang Buu street, Ward 5. Planning area yes total space construction land more than 42,250m2 including 4 apartment blocks from 29 floors – 30 floors and 2 buildings commercial Giai Viet Central Premium 27 floors, each block is appearance with four faces, create right 1 ko space delighted and natural light, wind and sky for each apartment. own construction density is only 25%. You will very like own green campus here.


Gia Viet apartment project in District 8 About 1.5 km from Ben Thanh Market and know-how Phu My Hung 3km, close very market, levels, close center administrative center and the key center trade . Giai Viet apartment project is located right at Ta Quang Buu street.

Right bridge Nguyen Tri Phuong, upcoming Cho Ray hospital, Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy, commercial An Dong Plaza, Parkson Hung Vuong Plaza … Right one can always be always convenient convenience circulation between district on highways


Superior utilities: Central Premium Giai Phong office space for rent, own key , 2 pools space 1000m2, internal area 2000m2, gym, tennis court, living room same community and kindergartens, Near the general hospital and schools facilities apartment in district 8.

At Giai Viet Apartment for rent, there are 3 swimming pools and 2 tennis courts tennis servicing residents, 3 small amusement parks in the project. Apartments marketing ground floor business underground, With the scale large one-on-one facilities such as international schools, beauty salons, and business companies coffee.


Delicate design, no space perfect, airy. Apartments are yes balconies, Design very reasonable.


Giai Viet Quoc Cuong area: 78.2m2 – 82.6m2 2 bedroom apartment, 105m2 – 109.8m2 3 bedroom apartment.

Hoang Anh Gia Lai Vietnam Area – Samland Giai Viet: 115m2 of 2 bedrooms, 150m2 of 3 bedrooms.


At present, Giai Viet Quoc Cuong apartment price: 2 bedrooms swinging from 78m2, 82m2 from VND 2 billion 150 million – 2 billion 300 million.

At present, Giai Viet Quoc Cuong apartment price: 2 bedrooms flogging from 105m2, 109m2 from 2 billion 650 million – 2 billion 800 million.

Currently, prices of Hoang Anh apartment – Samland Giai Viet apartment: 2 bedrooms incline from 115m2 from VND 2 billion to 700 million – VND 2 billion 900 million.

At present, prices of Hoang Anh apartment – Samland Giai Viet apartment: 2 bedrooms fluctuate from 150m2 from 3 billion 200 million – 3 billion 500 million.

Customers are entitled to support to buy buy Giai Viet apartment. Only forced prove cheap good Customers yes can borrow from 70% of the value of the apartment . With preferential interest rates within 5-15 years. restaurant support papers from A-Z.



① Get home early: Customers choose apartments will receive houses in September 2016.

② Best best in the Southeast of the city: With own current market, Giai Viet apartment price is equivalent to selling bearing price 28-30tr / m2 But Gia Viet apartment project near owns only with cost from 22-25 million. cost no more low .

Gold position: Location of the right apartment Nguyen Tri Phuong Bridge, district 5 and District 1 intersection, District 4, District 7 … .. Customers with can move move most place in urban standard Mai Chi Tho, Tran Hung Dao and Nguyen Van Linh roads are easy to approve

Zone one body : with large swimming pool, large campus, area focus trade with most ones a always

Phone: 0941.22.23.24

Website: https://bit.ly/363IJNq

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